Questions after LLC Intro to Drupal

I had a great day Saturday leading an Introduction to Drupal workshop for Ladies Learning Code.

There were a few questions that were outside of the scope and time of the day, so here's what I've got as followup:

How do I make this a real site?

We used Pantheon as the hosting environment for the class to avoid having to spend time setting up a local environment.  Your site will work there, but if you want to download it and move it to another host, go to your Dashboard and click on Database/Files, then Export, and then Export Database / Export Files.  This will create compressed files that you can download to use elsewhere.  

From files, you'll get a copy of Drupal, modules and themes, and any files you added (images, etc.) and the database will contain your content and configuration.

On your own host, you should be able to upload the files (with an FTP client or file manager) and import the database into a MySQL database.  You'll probably have to make changes to the file called sites/default/settings.php to point to the current database location.

My preferred way to move a site in Drupal 7 (which seems to also be available for D8) is to do a fresh install of Drupal, upload my files (sites/default folder), install the Backup and Migrate module ( and then backup on the source site, and restore on the target.

I'll try this out with the site we ended up with on Pantheon.

We didn't get to Taxonomy

While the day was really full of Content Types and Modules and Fields and Views and filtering and sorting, I feel bad that we didn't talk at all about Taxonomy.  Being able to categorize your content is such a huge thing in Drupal.  

Drupal 7 version

If you want to go through making the same site in Drupal 7 (which is still going to be around for the next few years) we have the slides here: .  This class was developed by Mathew Winstone of Coldfront Labs a couple of years ago. You can see where D8 has improved the experience for sitebuilding.