After the meeting

After our major meetings, we always have participants who want copies of the pictures taken, presentations, reports, etc. We don't want to spend a lot of time fulfilling this requirement (the meeting is over, so we should be done with it) but we don't want to just make ALL of that public, so there's a password protected site that uses some simple modules to make this happen:

Enjoying Freecycle

This week I was able to give away a very old tent (left over from a yard sale about 10 years ago) and receive a vintage milkshake maker (fully functional). Enjoyment level increased a lot -- larger empty space in the garage and discovering that the inside of the other tent still in the garage may be useful to make a cover for the A/C (heavier than just a tarp wrapped around for the winter).

Installing Drupal/CiviCRM on

I've started with a Linux VPS (the most basic level) and installed AMP (using Digital Ocean's excellent tutorial), created a couple of databases and a user using a command line reference at ( The only thing I'm missing now to make Civi usable is Clean URLs. Then to try a large import.