What else have you got?

This site was made using Drupal 7 with a variety of modules and a Bootstrap theme. 

I like keeping my stuff in Canada, out of some level of patriotism and to pay in Canadian $

Domain names and DNS http://rebel.ca

Hosting http://canadianwebhosting.com (they don't have a .ca which bothers me a bit, but their support is excellent).  
They now offer Let's Encrypt certificates easily on a CPanel account, so no need to learn how to do it yourself or buy one.



Next steps

As of 5 p.m. today, I am considering what I say when people ask what I do after almost a decade of "I work for a union, doing IT and web stuff" and seven years of "I'm a consultant building networks" and the nineteen years before that where "I work for a national association doing anything computer related."  

It's really exciting to be starting again.  I have been so lucky to have mentors and employers that enabled my growth.

I expect a bit of a struggle to entirely self-manage my time and resources, but look forward to having space to learn and do interesting things.

Making a simple, easy web presence

Generally, when somebody says they need a website (like, now) my knee-jerk reaction is to spin up a Drupal site on whatever host is handy.

But then, in a month or two, my friend is getting update notices and a new module needs to be installed, and can we just change the font? And she's not a web person, she's a yoga teacher, or a dog walker and she needs a site because she needs a site, not because it's fun to build.