Making a simple, easy web presence

Generally, when somebody says they need a website (like, now) my knee-jerk reaction is to spin up a Drupal site on whatever host is handy.

But then, in a month or two, my friend is getting update notices and a new module needs to be installed, and can we just change the font? And she's not a web person, she's a yoga teacher, or a dog walker and she needs a site because she needs a site, not because it's fun to build.

So I'm dabbling in Wordpress. I don't think you should have all of your eggs in the one basket, so I recommend getting a domain name in one place and your hosting in another. (And I'm still saying every Canadian should have a .ca, and support other Canadian internet businesses).

So the starting steps are : 

  • go to (unless you have another favourite registrar) and register your domain.
  • then go to and buy a Shared Linux host (the small one to start -- you can always upgrade later).
  • go back to and set DNS to Parked, and point it to the IP that CanadianWebHosting gave you. (You probably have to wait a few hours for the DNS to work it's way out to the internet, but if you're in a huge rush you can set your local hosts file to point your domain name to your hosting IP).
  • go back to the Cpanel on CanadianWebhosting and run Wordpress setup.

What you need to have figured out before you pull out your credit card is what you want to call yourself. has a guide to starting up that explains how to do this if you don't have any ideas: It's not a lifetime commitment, but once you've invested your time and effort (and business cards maybe) in a domain name, you should be be comfortable with it.

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