Choices in web hosting

Fully-managed (including Drupal and CiviCRM)

Several options have arisen in the past year or two that provide fully managed hosting, including security and feature patches and updates.

In Canada, we've got and SymbioTIC 

Worldwide offers a CMS (Drupal or WordPress) solution that includes a dev/test/production model with configuration management

VPS (cloud-based server)

If you don't want or can't afford fully managed hosting -- e.g. you want to control the timing of updates -- there are many offerings of VPS services.  A virtual private server lives on a cloud service, but the operating system and other services (Apache, MySQL and PHP) act as if you're working on a physical server.   The hosting provider may manage those services for you.  You will most likely be responsible for installing and maintaining your own software (Drupal and CiviCRM) and support options and prices can vary widely.;; 

Shared server 

With shared (or clustered) hosting, you are sharing a server with other sites (each in their own folder structure) and usually a control panel (cpanel or plesk).  You may have shell access (to run commands directly rather than through a web interface).;;

Self-managed (cloud) offers Canadian cloud servers -- just like having your own server but they manage all the hardware.  There are several one-click installs so setup can be very fast, or you can control every aspect of the server (supplied with IP address and resouce levels selected at install, but upgradable -- increase RAM, storage as necessary).

Self-managed (hardware)

You buy or build a computer, manage the connection to the internet (firewall, IP address) and all software.