Making a simple, easy web presence

Generally, when somebody says they need a website (like, now) my knee-jerk reaction is to spin up a Drupal site on whatever host is handy.

But then, in a month or two, my friend is getting update notices and a new module needs to be installed, and can we just change the font? And she's not a web person, she's a yoga teacher, or a dog walker and she needs a site because she needs a site, not because it's fun to build.

After the meeting

After our major meetings, we always have participants who want copies of the pictures taken, presentations, reports, etc. We don't want to spend a lot of time fulfilling this requirement (the meeting is over, so we should be done with it) but we don't want to just make ALL of that public, so there's a password protected site that uses some simple modules to make this happen:

Enjoying Freecycle

This week I was able to give away a very old tent (left over from a yard sale about 10 years ago) and receive a vintage milkshake maker (fully functional). Enjoyment level increased a lot -- larger empty space in the garage and discovering that the inside of the other tent still in the garage may be useful to make a cover for the A/C (heavier than just a tarp wrapped around for the winter).