Accents in domain names

For the past couple of years, it's been possible to use domain names in the .CA TLD that have accented characters. 

For example, I'm working on a site called / VoixdesAîné 

To register this domain, the client purchased  Once it's registered, any accented variants of those letters can only be purchased by the owner of the basic spelling.  

There is some cost to this - the owner also has to pay the registrar for voixdesaîné  

Next steps

As of 5 p.m. today, I am considering what I say when people ask what I do after almost a decade of "I work for a union, doing IT and web stuff" and seven years of "I'm a consultant building networks" and the nineteen years before that where "I work for a national association doing anything computer related."  

It's really exciting to be starting again.  I have been so lucky to have mentors and employers that enabled my growth.

I expect a bit of a struggle to entirely self-manage my time and resources, but look forward to having space to learn and do interesting things.

Making a simple, easy web presence

Generally, when somebody says they need a website (like, now) my knee-jerk reaction is to spin up a Drupal site on whatever host is handy.

But then, in a month or two, my friend is getting update notices and a new module needs to be installed, and can we just change the font? And she's not a web person, she's a yoga teacher, or a dog walker and she needs a site because she needs a site, not because it's fun to build.