After the meeting

After our major meetings, we always have participants who want copies of the pictures taken, presentations, reports, etc. We don't want to spend a lot of time fulfilling this requirement (the meeting is over, so we should be done with it) but we don't want to just make ALL of that public, so there's a password protected site that uses some simple modules to make this happen:


Generally, we just want to add one username/password that we can send out to all of the meeting participants. To make all of the things available to only that one user, we also need to create a role and Simpleaccess group. (e.g. create a user and role called meetingname, then go to and Add group (usually give them all the same name to keep it simple). It is possible to put multiple roles in a group, but that's not usually necessary.


This module creates a content type that makes a really quick gallery from a folder of images. It uses the file name as the caption, so unlike every other site, I don't use transliteration.

Name each picture, create a folder under files/default/himuesgallery/ and upload the pictures by FTP to that folder.

On the site, login as a staff/admin user and select Create content, Himuesgallery.  At the least, you need a Title, and then select the folder you created. You may also add a description for the gallery. If you also need to link to other content - presentations, PDFs, then create them as their regular content types and use the Taxonomy to create a menu link to a view of all of the resources for the event.


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